Vol. 3 No. 2 (2020): Pakistan Journal of International Affairs

Gradual Shifts in India’s Nuclear Doctrine: Theoretical Analysis of Contributing Elements

Published 2021-03-28


This article serves few purposes, main argument of thiscontribution is to describe theoretically by analyzing the contributingelements in doctrinal shifts. Unpacks the aspects those are the main matterof concern, by situating the literature that specifically deals withprevailing issues and by outlining the main approaches that how all thesefactors particularly playing utmost important role in worseningenvironment and in boosting prevailing challenges. The bellicose history,the background of mistrust and enmity that has been the variant factoreven at present time, moreover after the showdown of nukes in 1998,intentions along by keenly analyzing the Kautliya thoughts by determiningthe foundation of realism decades ago. Today, after decades, countriespredominantly India are lesser concerned about peace initiatives and forsolving long lasting issues that are lagging behind. Finally, it throws lighton the future under such circumstances as these states relations affectingthe regional security. Likewise, in viewing of contemporary groundrealities it will have chances to compel India-Pakistan to expand morenuclear arsenals, technological advancements for deterrent purposeswhich are blurred but maybe the reality is far behind from it, unresolvedunderlining conflicts might be take two states towards war crisis in future.