Vol. 3 No. 2 (2020): Pakistan Journal of International Affairs

Pakistan-United States Diplomatic Relations: Analytical Study

Published 2021-03-28


This research paper discusses the reciprocal relationship of Pakistan and United States. Pakistan and United States are engaged in transactional relationship for gaining the credibility of through securing their national interest which bought distractive approaches in bilateral relationship. Historically, Pakistan-United States have been supporting each other against the terrorism as had strong diplomatic alignment in countering terrorism, extremism and fundamentalism. The distrust prevailed and occupied which dismantle the international move to dismantle the terror. The uncertainty of relationship causes a cataclysmic events which provides distrust as well as dismantle the international coalition for the peace establishment. This paper includes the diplomatic ties between Pakistan and United States specially post 9/11. The diplomatic successful alignment for the international peace brought effective orientation thereafter the impact factors of diverse misunderstanding which were mismanaged diplomatically as cases of Raymond Davis, Salala Check post, nuclear proliferation, Osama Bin Laden, Drone Attacks, and Memogate. Their diplopic move is essential to be revamped for the social, economic and political factors which sources the regional peace of South and Central Asia.