Vol. 5 No. 2 (2022): Pakistan Journal of International Affairs


Published 2022-05-29


After the evacuation of US from Afghanistan a lot of questions have been raised from all over the world. The US War in Afghanistan has come to the end but a lot of new challenges will be faced by the Afghan people and the neighboring states. Understanding the depth of the war is very essential with its history on what provoked the war. Pakistan is one of the most effected country after Afghanistan with a huge number of Afghan refugee. The most important question that rises on Pakistan is its position in the last few months of US in Afghanistan that was Pakistan in support of the Taliban or the US surely Pakistan's position wasn’t so sure as cross border media and international experts blamed Pakistan for its immense support to Afghan Taliban. As we know that President Joe Biden was trying to extend the War because President Joe Biden had a tilt towards Establishment which wanted to extend the war for some more time. Some even pour the blame of US loss in Afghanistan on Pakistan. So, it is very essential to understand Pakistan's role and position in the US war in Afghanistan. Another very important question which rises is that what post withdrawal Foreign Policy will Pakistan adapt as there will be another wave of refugee seeking shelter in Pakistan, there can be separatist or revolutionary movements to enforce Shahirah law in Pakistan which can emerge from tribal areas like Baluchistan and FATA and how Pakistan will coup with its internal and external security threats via Afghanistan. As a neighboring country what means will Pakistan take in humanitarian crises in Afghanistan and will Pakistan further help US to have over the horizon access to Afghanistan and is it after all a win or lose for US all are the major questions that are discussed