• Lubna Ahsan


A culture always at war, America’s political discourse has becomesaturated with hatred and fear. The establishment media, which oncethrived on gathering information, exists solely for anxiety promotion.Confirmation of our greatest fears, from economic collapse to nuclearannihilation, is projected unfiltered on every platform, tailored to matchwhat scares us most. As we like and we share, our fears growexponentially, leaving us stuck in a frozen state of paranoia. Fear iseverywhere. We are afraid Trump will start a war with North Korea,relying on Kim Jong-Un to be a rational actor. We’re also afraid Kim willunleash his nuclear arsenal on America and rely on Trump’s rationaldiplomacy to keep international security in check. We’re afraid Trump is aRussian puppet and hope the Mueller probe will save us from the death ofour democracy. We fear the political goals of Democrats, who hope tooverturn a legitimate election using a fake Russia investigation. We’reworried the fascist government will suppress free speech and we’reworried the government isn’t doing enough to suppress free speech to stophate. There are too many guns for children to be safe, and not enough gunsfor teachers to protect us. We want to elect more women, people of color,LGBTQ individuals, and Muslims to preserve their rights. We fearwomen, people of color, LGBTQ individuals, and Muslims as we want topreserve our rights. We are afraid of migrants leaping into our borders andwe are terrified of the government cracking down on innocent refugees onthe border. As we hyperventilate over an infinite amount of threats, welash out and grasp whatever form of defense lies closest.