Vol. 5 No. 3 (2022): Pakistan Journal of International Affairs


Published 2022-09-18


While containing the expansion of China in the area is the primary objective of the Indo-Pacific strategy, it does affect Pakistan's safety in certain ways. In this strategy, the US is supporting India to become a hegemon to full fill its interest. And India is the biggest threat to Pakistan. And it creates a zero-sum situation for Pakistan. This strategy is basically for China but it also has threats to the security of Pakistan. To what extent does Pakistan need an external ally to ensure the balance of power in south Asia? In this research work, I use the balance of power theory to analyse Pakistan's internal security system (IPS). As a direct consequence of this, Pakistan has adopted a strategy of internal and external balance in an effort to lessen the likelihood of an Indian invasion occurring. The modernization of its fleet and the acquisition of cutting-edge armament are its top internal goals. As part of its efforts to achieve internal and external balance, India has engaged in activities such as conducting naval drills in the Indian Ocean and signing a variety of military and maritime projects with China and Russia. These activities are examples of its efforts to strengthen security cooperation with these countries.