Vol. 6 No. 2 (2023): Pakistan Journal of International Affairs


Published 2023-06-20


Twentieth century is the century of the enormous changes in the world historical timeline from the blood shed world wars, nuclear proliferation, technological advancement, great depression, formation of world power blogs, fascism, communism to the formation of terrorism, with the discovery of the hidden wealth of fossil fuels beneath the sandy deserts of the Arabian peninsula history of entire middle east changed and the new destiny of the history was determined on the other hand a new political events in the global north and global south triggered new historical time line of the gulf countries, deterioration of ottoman, Zionist movement, formation of the new Jewish state “Israel” in the heart of the Muslim home land, the colonization and de-colonization, construction of the Suez canal, Suez canal crisis, the Arab Israel wars and the conflict of Palestine are the major historical events of the twentieth century. The objective of this paper is to explain the historical events of the era of twentieth century in the Arabian Peninsula and such as to highlight causes of the deterioration of the ottoman empire one of the greatest Islamic empire (Caliphate) the Palestinian crisis the study the impacts of the cold war on the Arab world and to highlight the key facts of the twentieth century which gave birth to the ongoing issues of the middle east such as the Syrian crisis, the formation of gruella groups and Islamic militancy etc... in the twentieth century.