Vol. 3 No. 1 (2020): Pakistan Journal of International Affairs


Published 2021-03-29


The approach to Brexit in the current political dilemma is challengeable for the seekers who want to understand the problem with clarity and perceptibility with the very nature of the European politics. It’s under process of becoming coherent and unprecedented in terms of its consequences. Although the opening and ending of the curtain of the European theatre has always been spectacular for its peoples and to the peoples of nearby continents connected to it by a vicarious cycle and in an extended perspective to the rest of the world, but this time the actors are emerging with a new play with a new set of performances. This research is tend to apply the analytical and argumentative approach for the issue in consideration to take into account the different perspectives of the problem in order to perceive and suggest the divergent possibilities involved in a particular issue not only for the EU members but also for other powers. Explained in it are the factors that at first provide impetus for integration despite the presence of the disintegrating elements at the first place, and then the consideration of emerging politics of preferences, evolved with a passage of time, and let those disintegrating forces overcome.