Vol. 4 No. 1 (2021): Pakistan Journal of International Affairs

Evolution of Worldwide Cable Television and Rating Systems: A Case Study of Pakistan

Published 2021-03-29


All around the world, advertisers select a medium that has higher consumer reach and for this context television and cable, T.V is one of the top priorities. Since the advent of cable television globally, this medium has made this process much more convenient because it has vastly available in almost every household and offers content to all age groups and genders. It contains all sorts of information and entertainment genres such as cartoons for children, food, fashion, and entertainment for women, sports and news for men, and religious channels for people who are interested in religion. The ease of use in its operation and the subsequent rise in viewership have also made it a medium on which competition is stiff. Every channel using this medium is in the race to achieve the title of most-watched television broadcaster and to be in the limelight to attract and air the most amount of advertising which translates into higher income and place for advertisers for their products. This demand and supply have given rise to the TRP wars and start the race of No 1. This research paper discusses the worldwide evolution of television and cable TV, elaborates about TRP, deliberating the rating framework of Television channels especially in Pakistan, also about the institutions that award these ratings, also about People meter and its working.