Vol. 4 No. 1 (2021): Pakistan Journal of International Affairs

Syrian Civil War in the Context of Conflict Resolution (Mediation Efforts)

Published 2021-03-29


The Syrian Civil War began in 2011 and soon became a chaotic civil war as a result of a nonviolent counter-state protest against Syria's dysfunctional government. In fact, the crisis is the offspring of the Arab Spring which is progressively drawing global and regional powers into proxy conflict in Syria and prolonging the war into unexpected phases. This study is an attempt to analyse various ways of conflict resolution, employed during and after the crisis, with a view to key variables such as interference by foreign powers, a deteriorated socioeconomic condition in Syria including deep sectarian hatred. Many are key players in this war, because Syria is a more acute and complicated group of shiite, regional and global forces among contemporary civil wars. The main groups include Sunni armed groups, such as Al-Nusra, Hezbolshev Lebanon and the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS); Iran, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Russia, the US and Qatar.