Vol. 4 No. 1 (2021): Pakistan Journal of International Affairs

Gender Equality as a Sustainable Development Goal Analytical Study of Gender issues in Pakistan

Published 2021-03-29


This research paper aims to analyze issue of gender equality since Sustainable Development Goals 2030 initiative. The SDGs 2030 agenda is a comprehensive framework which aims to ensure sustainable development in UN member nations. SDGs are an extensive agenda that is covering social and economic development and protection of environment. The United Nation, under SDGs 2030, has prioritized empowerment of women and girls and has set the goals to ensure gender parity across the globe. Pakistan ranks among those nations in the world where gender gap is found in every sphere of life. This study adopts the method of case study and epistemology for analyzing the gaps of adopting and implementing the steps taken by government for establishing gender equality and women empowerment. Stated by latest Global Gender Gap report 2021, Pakistan’s position has become worsens and slipped two spots on the index. Although the Pakistani Government took firm steps towards resolving gender equality and women’s empowerment, but despite of firm commitment gender gap ‘in the country has widened by 0.7% points. This research paper highlights present situation of gender gap in the country and initiatives it has taken for ensuring gender equality and progress it has made since the universal call of Sustainable Development Goals 2030 agenda. The researcher has used secondary sources to collect data for this research paper.