Vol. 4 No. 3 (2021): Pakistan Journal of International Affairs


Published 2021-09-27


In this study, we are trying to examine the Geostrategic and economic potentials of Gwadar and Chabahar deep Sea ports recently two constructed ports while Gwadar situated in Balochistan Province of Pakistan and Chabahar located in Sistan and Balochistan area of Iran has been recognized as coagulated strategic agreements between China and Pakistan and between India and Iran. These sea port politics are forming an unbalance of powers in the region after the United States of America is expanding its military role in the region and attended more strategic partnership with India. Both ports could change the dynamics of regional politics, oceanic trades and transshipment, therefore, in this developing scenario both Gwadar and Chabahar Iranian port have taken a central stage in the current phase of international politics and have taken a unique geo- strategic and geo-political significance. Gwadar deep sea port is weighted as a strategic base from where; China can monitor US movement in the Persian Gulf, Indians naval actions in the Arabian sea and US-Indo maritime cooperation in the IOR (Indian Ocean Region). India, in response of this strategic move developing Chahbahar port with Iranian assistances and partnership of Afghanistan, desire to Central Asian countries coupled with to reduce the influence of Chinas future long -run geo-economic and strategic interest in the entire region. The new economic, strategic and development move have created a new power structure which places the indigenous people better off after the new wave of globalization in this region. The development of Chabahar and more specifically Gwadar port could go nowhere, if the property rights of local masses and their socio economic security are not protected. One solution is to provide free and fair access of local masses to the new developments with equal distribution of resources and other opportunities to the locals at their doorsteps