Vol. 4 No. 3 (2021): Pakistan Journal of International Affairs


Published 2021-09-27


Afghan history evident mostly, war and battles, ranging from civil wars to international forces, Taliban came in power after the withdrawal of soviet forces. Destruction of world trade center proved way for US lead international forces to root Taliban, who were seated in Afghanistan and pushed them out of power, in 2001 this defeat could not be proved to be ultimate. Taliban insurgency caused a number of national and international concern for--- of the Taliban must ruined the women education and participation in all the sphere of life A number of international organization and NGOs examined the pathetic situation of female education in the country, this study emphasis and accessed the efforts of changing scenarios of powers and government and the center and context of Taliban and warriors groups .on the basis of the available result of interviews taken by the different international bodies found its roots in al-Qaeda. On different occasion and different instances were adopted by the Taliban about the implementation and interpretation of Islamic law previously, girls schooling. The facts found different view pointed many Taliban commander was not only their because of their religious extremes approaches but the tribal condition and restriction, contributed to intensified the situation despite on the effort of USA and allies, Taliban adopted the strategy to participate to government physical presence in the state. Wherever they got power. They prolonged the agitation by adopted the gorilla war.it completed the international forces to lose the patience China had it’s over strategy aiming at constitutional its boarder in the wakhan, ultimately the Taliban announce the Islamic emirate of Afghanistan after leaving number of US forces. A large number of Afghanis seeking refuge in different countries. Taliban could not so far achieving the confidence of their people which will rise new challenge for establishment of a strong state and sound government, while the long duration of wars destroyed the infrastructure completely