Vol. 4 No. 4 (2021): Pakistan Journal of International Affairs


Published 2021-12-08


India always had cordial ties with Afghanistan except for the four years of the Taliban rule. September 11 replaced the planet's political and security structure and gave India a chance to enter Afghanistan. Afghanistan's strategic position attracts the global community and it is a gateway to energy-rich CARs. New Delhi's interest in Afghanistan is quite realistic. After the end of the Taliban government in 2001, India increased its influence in Kabul, attended the Bonn Conference, and pledged to support Afghan people in the rehabilitation process. New Delhi enjoyed cordial ties with democratically elected regimes in Afghanistan and promoted its relations with Tehran to protect its objectives in Kabul to contain Islamabad. India has infused a lot of money in several projects in Afghanistan to increase its impact in Afghanistan. The global community thinks India is effective advertising in Southern Asia, but Pakistan believes New Dehli's foot in Kabul threatens its security. Islamabad stresses New Delhi must support Afghan nationals and avoid working against Pakistan from Afghan soil. Afghanistan has been suffering from war for the last two decades. This paper highlights the historical ties between India and Afghanistan