Vol. 4 No. 1 (2021): Pakistan Journal of International Affairs

Pakistan-China Nuclear Energy Cooperation Emerging: Trends to Achieve Sustainable Development Goals

Published 2021-03-29


This paper analyses the bilateral cooperation between China and Pakistan specifically in the arena of nuclear cooperation. While describing the chronological civil nuclear collaboration between the two friendly nations it states that both countries cultivated a natural partnership with each other to further strengthen the bilateral ties. Historical cooperation between China and Pakistan in terms of Nuclear Technology was analyzed in the face of the opposition of international regimes critical to nuclear proliferation. To apply neo-realist paradigm, it is concluded that strategic cooperation in terms of nuclear technology is in the interest of both China and Pakistan for two reasons: Fist to balance their belligerent neighboring country India; second, countering the United States involvement in the region. To fulfill Pakistan’s growing energy requirements, Pakistan, must continue its nuclear cooperation and extend it to the scientific research. This cooperation made Pakistan self-sufficient to meet the energy needs and opened new avenues of opportunities. This paper recommends that the strategic partnership between the two nations is inevitable for maintaining balance of power in the region. This research paper will highlight Sino-Pakistan nuclear cooperation in historical as well as in the context of emerging trends of strategic developments, such as the Indo-US nuclear agreement. The Sino-Pakistani nuclear deals aims to meet Pakistan’s growing energy demand. In strategic context, the Sino-Pakistan cooperation aims to maintain balance of power in the region. Data collection will include both primary and secondary sources.