Vol. 4 No. 1 (2021): Pakistan Journal of International Affairs

Social Media Might Bring About Social Revolution in Pakistan

Published 2021-03-29


This study strives to explain the great potential of revolution in Pakistani Society. We have taken into account the previous historical and modern successful revolution of the world to analyze the root cause of its success that can be associated with the potential of Pakistani people at large. Moreover, literature signifies, “How does a revolution take place?” that enables us to find our objectives. The Qualitative Research Methodology and “Hermeneutic Approach” are adapted to draw out the assumption and to understand the Psyche of Pakistani Society. According to the finding, a revolution in Pakistan might be possible and activated in future, as the present political scenario has ignited the feeling of being subjects of political class of king families. Regardless of many differences in political and religious sentiments, the Pakistani people are cathartic in nature and react emotionally and aggressively on any incidence of human injustice and tyranny. As we have seen in the past at different sentimental issues, like agitation against ten year Ayub Era, agitation against Bhutto regime by National Alliance and in former East Pakistan as Bangladesh Revolution and above all, the successful active role of social media on all such injustices and tyrannical incidences in society. All these phenomena lead to a revolution in future to come in Pakistan.