Vol. 1 No. 2 (2018): Pakistan Journal of International Affairs


Published 2021-03-29


This Political party was established in Egypt in 1920. His founder was Sheikh-al-hasan Al banna and he was from the village of Alexandria. He started this group in 1923 but it is properly established in 1929. His motivation was to reassure and implement the basic beliefs of Islam, but later it took political form. This movement was very popular in Egypt and its branches will also be established in other Arab countries. On the end of the Second World War, its members had a population of 20 million. It was a democratically party dictatorship and wanted to end the kingdom, abstain from militancy, it has many services for Egypt's people. In addition, he used to present in welfare works, they established thousands of schools in Egypt in which general public used to get education. The organization became very popular because it was consisting of educated people, the party of Palestine, Hamas was also the part of Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslim Brotherhood worked hard to end the kingdom, but every time the party was pressed and was not given any success in any way, because this party only wants the democratic government. In 1952, Muslim Brotherhood was a pro-Egyptian military revolution, but it also opposed General Najeeb and General Nasir’s foreign policy. In 1954, some of the party workers was unsuccessful to assassinate general Nasser, after which it was considered as a law-enforcement law and their property was confiscated. Then the leader of the group Sheikh Hassan Aldebi changed his president's position from Damascus to Cairo. This group raised a loud voice against Arab nationalism and slammed the Islamic Brotherhood. In the past, many members of the party were closed in prisons and executed martyred like Syed Qutb. After this ban, the group remained and spread across the entire Arab territories. The Muslim League has close ties with Pakistan. In my article I am giving light on the role of the Muslim Brotherhood for Egypt.