Vol. 5 No. 2 (2022): Pakistan Journal of International Affairs


Published 2022-05-29


Public Health Advocacy has been a significant tool used by social workers, and it is crucial in the control of local epidemics cannot be overemphasized as many reports have been made on the impact of different health advocacy strategies on health outcomes in various communities. This article critically reviews how social workers have been judiciously using this great tool in fostering healthy living and practices among people living with their communities. The study will help in developing strong health advocacy structure in Pakistan. Public health advocacy has helped control some diseases and getting desired behavioral changes were also reviewed using different research articles that reported such successes. Despite the great importance of public advocacy carried out by social workers, there are still some limitations and challenges being faced in doing this. Although these challenges varied between communities, this article reviewed them from a generalized perspective. Suggestions were made on possible ways of overcoming such difficulties. It is hoped that if implemented, it will go a long way in improving the current health advocacy done by social workers. The concluding part of this article made some recommendations on ways public health advocacy can be done better, emphasizing the need for evaluation of every health advocacy program to measure progress made by such program and this can be done if social workers can get themselves involved in researches that critically review such programs. It is also recommended that social workers be integrated into decision-making. This research is targeted at examination the participation of social workers in public health advocacy A careful literature search was made on some scientific search engines like pub Med, EM Base using a very sensitive search strategy on researches made on participation of social works in public health advocacy either through mass community health campaign or through seeking for public health policy.