Vol. 2 No. 1 (2019): Pakistan Journal of International Affairs


Published 2021-03-29


What is globalization? It is difficult to define globalization with a single definition although it is a buzz word of this century; this term has mesmerized and fascinated the world significantly. It is considered as the large scale convergence process, it is a multidimensional phenomenon the main agent to activate the merger of economy and culture of the local and distant as a result growing interdependence in all walk of life is eradicating the cultural, social, territorial and religious barriers. The advocates of globalization predict that that through this process poor or developing countries can improve their economies and can raise the standard of living of their common people while the opponents of globalization claim that uncontrolled or free international market economy is benefitting the multinational corporations mostly operated by the entrepreneurs of the western world at the expense of local businesses, local cultures and common people. The advancement of technology and free market economy are working together to create a new globalized and interconnected world. The dynamic and ever-changing technological revolution involving the creation of a computerized network of communication, transportations, and exchange the acceptance of a globalized economy, the enlargement of world capitalist market system is absorbing ever more areas of the world and orbit of production, exchange, and consumption. As the world is experiencing and exploring the massive waves of ideas, norms, values, beliefs and hard products through direct as well as indirect channels not only media but tourists, businessmen, NGO’s, migrants are transferring their ideas, beliefs, and ideas from one part of the world to another.