Vol. 2 No. 1 (2019): Pakistan Journal of International Affairs


Published 2021-03-29


This research study is lead to explore the challenges faced by working women in balancing work and family life at universities of Quetta city of Pakistan. Usually Men are assuming to perform strength require activities which are not purely distributed to male in underdeveloped countries. In reality female are more engaged in these activities rather than male. Women play the list of roles as a mother, sister, wife, daughter, as a working women in our lives that are beyond compare. Pakistan is male dominated society it is a fact that the status of women has changed than past but still she faced problems and challenges especially as working women. Working women with high work load and lack of leaves are unable to attend their family functions as well as unable to give proper attention to their family members. The research study was quantitative in nature. The researcher select 115 university teachers for study their work life balance through simple random sampling The data was collected through questionnaire technique. The collected data were coded and edited and were analyzed through using SPSS. Chi-square test was applied to analyze the factors like time and household management. Teaching is one of the elegant professions. Lecturers or professors with work stress and depression cannot produce best students .specially it become a challenge for married women to maintain balance between work and family life. Therefore the need was felt to investigate the factors like time management that create hurdles in balancing both private and work life. This study is equally important for academics, researchers and organizations. The findings indicates that those women with initial years of their marital life find more difficulties in managing between their dual lives because at that stage they have the responsibility of small kids with domestic core management as well as they required extra potential and abilities to cope with office demands which creates role conflict for them. The study found that little relaxation in office timing, availability of day care centers and opportunity of job sharing makes the life of working women more relaxed.