Vol. 5 No. 3 (2022): Pakistan Journal of International Affairs


Published 2022-09-18


The concept of ‘Orientalism’ as suggested by Said (1978) is not only the stereotyped representation of east but it has deeper significance and approach. By the stereotyping of east the west has always maintained its position at the center of binarism. This idea may be of self-conceit or an urge to develop the third world countries (east), the question of ‘Orientalism’ is persistent throughout the sagas of history. Present study is an endeavor to analyze Orientalism by Said (1978) along with Techno-orientalism by Morley and Robins (1995) in order to understand the contemporary concept of orientalist regarding the exotic east. For in the current scenario east is no longer underdeveloped or primitive still it is ‘the exotic east’ with all its possessions and gluts to be explored by west. Applied method for analysis is Critical Discourse Analysis from which intertextuality by Fairclough (1992) is chosen as a tool of analysis. Findings of research asserts that although west has changed its attitude towards east still there are glaring evidences that Orientalism is prevalent with some varying degrees. Techno-orientalism is one of these new forms of Orientalism that depicts a new kind of orient/occident binarism.