Vol. 1 No. 1 (2018): Pakistan Journal of International Affairs

Causal Factor behind Female Discrimination Practices regarding

Published 2021-03-28


Inheritance is the practice that refers to the passing of property to those who are entitled to succeed after the death of possessor and the successor can transmit it to another as his heir. The practice of inheritance is lined by different customs and traditions. Distribution of property is indicated as a major problem since the dawn of man because it can generate injustice or discrimination at the broader patterns. Present study was based on qualitative research which was conducted in Quetta city the capital of Baluchistan. The adopted sample method was purposive sampling and the sample size was 34, which included 20 in depth interviews, 2 focus group discussions (FGDs) consisted of 6 to 7 female members. In current study the researcher was concerned to know about the female discrimination practices regarding inheritance at global level special in Pakistan. Finding of the investigation revealed that women inheritance rights were discriminated due to backward cultural practices and illiteracy was the main reason of determining people’s attitude plus denying women’s share in legacy. Women who were disinherited faced prodigious social and economic hardships. In present study different themes were drawn from the collected data such as causes of female discrimination in inheritance from Quetta city of Pakistan, dowry as compensation for bequest, which had further sub-themes. Giving more preference to male in inheritance resulted in discriminatory practices against women. Existing study recommend that the state’s prescribed rules and strategies should strongly support gender equity and implement the laws effectively, moreover they must guarantee that equal share in inheritance is given to men and women. Legislation should stop the practices and traditional laws that are against of women’s rights and promote women education, because women empowerment play a vigorous role in the development of any society at global level specially in Pakistan.