Vol. 5 No. 4 (2022): Pakistan Journal of International Affairs


Published 2022-12-25


Climate change is the biggest global threat which has the potential to directly affect the planetary life. Its damages are beyond imagination and are not irrecoverable. The hazardous effects of climate change are exacerbating day-after-day but the worst part is that developed nations have not yet ascertained the gravity of the situation and have virtually turned deaf ears to the recommendations of international environmental protection agencies and repeated warnings of environmental scientists. Considering such an attitude, one may foresee that those days are not far ahead when the world may witness any chaotic situation or major environmental disaster. These disasters may have magnanimous impact on the future of mankind and are not akin to war which usually happens on contemporary issues and only on regional basis. War may be discussed as disastrous but it could not be so disastrous when compared with any climatic disaster. Although, the world appears to be unanimous to bring about peace and security across the globe and not to engage in any war yet sudden climatic changes may change the whole scenario and turn the planet to the position where war on any environmental issue becomes indispensable. In order to minimize the perilous effects of climate change, concerted efforts at global level are extremely necessary. The article focuses on the issue that climate change is more dangerous as compared to wars for the reason that existence and continuity of life on the planet earth is more important than any other issue for the mankind.