Vol. 6 No. 2 (2023): Pakistan Journal of International Affairs


Published 2023-06-20


This research paper delves into the intricate and diverse connection between Pakistan and Turkey since the year 2000. It thoroughly investigates the historical backdrop, political ties, economic collaboration, defence and security cooperation, cultural and educational exchanges, regional and international cooperation, as well as the challenges and future prospects that shape their relationship. The historical connections and shared cultural characteristics have established a solid basis for a robust alliance between the two countries. Political relations have been strengthened through the exchange of visits at a senior level and diplomatic interactions, promoting mutual comprehension and collaboration. The promotion of trade and investment has been facilitated by the Pakistan-Turkey Free Trade Agreement, leading to an augmentation of economic collaboration. The enhancement of defence capabilities and the mitigation of shared threats have been facilitated through the establishment of defence and security cooperation. Cultural and educational exchanges have played a pivotal role in cultivating reciprocal comprehension and admiration. Pakistan and Turkey have mutually provided support to each other at both regional and international levels, thereby enhancing their collective influence and amplifying their shared perspectives. It is imperative to confront challenges such as the dynamic nature of geopolitics and the volatility of economic fluctuations. The paper concludes by emphasising the optimistic future prospects for the bilateral relationship between Pakistan and Turkey. Through the utilisation of their historical connections and mutual interests, both nations possess the capacity to surmount obstacles and enhance their collaboration across diverse sectors, thereby fostering regional stability and economic well-being.